O'Brien Celebrity Combo Waterskis W/ Jr X-7 Binding 2021

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The Celebrity 64's have all the great features of our best-selling 68 Celebrities in a compact, more manageable size for lighterweight skiers. Just 4" shorter and slightly narrower than the 68 inch Celebrities, they are the perfect pair for lighter skiers who want increased maneuverability, but with the ease-of-use the Celebrities have always been famous for. In particular, the size of the Celebrity 64's works great for women and teenage kids. Its flatter, faster rocker line minimizes fatigue and allows for longer and easier rides.


  • Size: 64"
  • Modeled-In Fins.
  • Bindings: Jr. X-7 Adjustable
  • Rider Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Weight Range: Up to 120 Lbs.

Jr. X-7 Binding

The Jr. X-7 is a very versatile binding. The Jr. X-7 can fit most youth. The front boot is open toe to assist with outfitting multiple sizes. The front boot is slide adjustable for a custom fit.

Jr. X-7 Features

  • Open Toe Design for More Fit, Flexibility
  • Fits a Variety of Shoe Sizes
  • Slide Adjustable Binding for Custom Fit
  • Sizes
    • One Size Fits Most Youth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review