EasyTroller Trolling Plate w/Hydrofoil Fins - Standard (50-300 HP motors)

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Product Overview


Eliminate bent trolling plates!

The EasyTroller's patented spring hinge design eliminates damage to the trolling plate under premature acceleration.


  • Hinged trolling plate design flexes upward to prevent damage or shear pin breakage
  • Slows down big motors to the ideal trolling speed
  • Fits I/O and outboard motors 50 hp and up
  • Manufactured from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Manufactured in the USA

The Easy Troller trolling plate mounts directly to the anti-cavitation plate, snaps down into position for trolling, and is released with a pull cord when ready to run at speed. If the boat prematurely accelerates before raising the trolling plate, the lower half of the plate will simply flex upward before bending or breaking the shear pins.

The EasyTroller trolling plate is available as a standard model (Model #016.15) and with Hydrofoil Fins (Model #016.25). The anodized aluminum fins mount directly to the mount plate, enabling faster planing and reduced porpoising.


EasyTroller trolling plate competitive comparison EasyTroller trolling plate flex hinge design
Under power, prop thrust can bend or damage the typical trolling plate. The EastyTroller trolling plate flexes to divert the prop thrust downward, preventing damage to the plate itself.

What are Hydrofoil Fins?

As the hydrofoil moves through the water, it acts like a wing, raising the back of the boat in the water. This helps boats improve their hole shot and maintain a plane at lower rpms which can improve fuel economy. By raising the stern the trim is adjusted and the boat planes with the bow in a lower position, which increases visibility and safety. If you want to reach a plane more quickly, struggle keeping your boat on a plane, plane in a bow high attitude, experience porpoising or chine-walking, hydrofoil fins may offer some real performance improvements. The extent to which a hydrofoil will improve your boat's performance depends on your equipment and the conditions where you typically boat.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review