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We opened our doors in January of 1991 in a small cramped two story building. Although our store was small, we were excited to have a place to call "our own!". We quickly realized that due to the size of our showroom, we could only display half of the products we carried. Our warehouse was upstairs, and to get the merchandise up there, we had to carry everything up, box by box. Two people in the store could barely walk down the same aisle without one of them having to turn sideways to get by the other.

Our original store was located on a busy street, and we were very pleasantly surprised that Utah boater's loved our store! The only drawback was, when traffic was so congested, it would take several minutes just to get out of our parking lot.

In 2000, we built a new facility, about a mile away! It is three times larger and has much more parking for vehicles and trailers! We are proud of our new store and have received many compliments from our customers. If you ever get to Salt Lake City, please drop on in, we are right off the Interstate 15 freeway.

We always strive to make everyone feel welcome, to keep the inventory plentiful and to give you the best possible price.



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