2024 O'Brien Celebrity Combo Waterskis W/ X-7 Bindings

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O'Brien's best-selling adult skis, the O'Brien Celebrities, make almost anyone, from newbies to experts, feel right at home on the water! With the easy adjustability and great fit of the X-7 bindings, you'll be skiing in no time. The heightened performance from the ski's side-cut bevel paired with the smooth, predictable control from its dual tunnel makes the Celebrities the most versatile combo skis in our line. Lots of surface area provides plenty of lift for exceptionally easy deep-water starts and a flatter, faster rocker line minimizes drag as well as fatigue, so you can enjoy your skiing all day long. Stop by Boater's Outlet today to pick up skis today! Boater's Outlet has been Utah's watersport supplier since 1990!


  • Length: 68"
  • Fin: Nylon
  • Bindings: X7 Adjustable Bindings

X-7 Bindings

The X-7 is a very versatile binding. The X-7 can fit most adults, making it so you can outfit the entire family with one pair of bindings! The front boot is open toe to assist with outfitting multiple sizes. The front boot is slide adjustable for a custom fit. The back boot is a Rear Toe Plate, making it easy to take off the skies.

X-7 Features

  • Open Toe Design for More Fit, Flexibility
  • Fits a Variety of Shoe Sizes
  • Slide Adjustable Binding for Custom Fit
  • Sizes (In Men's)
  • One Size Fits Most Adults: Mens 4.5-13


(No reviews yet) Write a Review