2024 O'Brien Makai Wakesurf Board

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The all-new Makai features a forward-biased template combined with a wider swallow tail than you'd typically find on a skim shape. This provides the board tons of forward drive, giving the rider the confidence to throw their biggest tricks or just dial in the basics. The Makai's unique template also turns the board into a spinning machine, making it the ultimate board for perfecting 360s and more.

Size Width Volume Fins Rider Weight
52" 20.9" 9.38 L (1) Delta 1.9" (2) Delta 1" 190 Lbs & below
56" 21.2" 10.38 L (1) Delta 1.9" (2) Delta 1" 140 Lbs & above


  • Skim style: Using smaller fins and a sharper rail, these boards have a loose, skatey feel on the water making it easier to complete surface spins and more skate inspired moves.
  • Compression molded: 2-part construction - Compression molded for shape consistency and light weight - then hand polished rails and gloss coat finish.
  • Swallow tail: This wider-than-most tail shape delivers plenty of speed while maintaining traction on the wave.
  • Machined Eva pad
  • 3 removable fins

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review