TieDown Galvanized Dip Quik-Set Anchors

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The Hooker Quik-Set has 50% more holding power and the appearance of an anchor costing much more. The Hooker Quik-Set design with the “Slip Lock” shank insures a proper set regardless of which way the anchor lands. A slip design permits easy retrieval in snag prone areas. Hot dipped galvanized finish. This economy anchor is a hot-dip galvanized and features a slip-ring design for quick and easy retrieval. The single-crown construction solidifies the holding power of the anchor while strengthening breaks on the flukes provide firm rapid penetration in a variety of conditions - ensuring you'll be Quik-Set at any time.


Part ID: Model Holding Power Boat Length Anchor Weight Anchor Height Stock Width Fluke Height
95011 7HQ 150 Lbs 15-19 Ft 4.5 lbs. 17" 14-1/2" 9-1/2"
95016 10HQ 160 Lbs 19-24 Ft 5 Lbs. 20" 14-1/2" 10"
95021 13HQ 180 Lbs 24-28 Ft 6.5 Lbs. 24" 18-1/4" 11-3/4"
95026 15HQ 200 Lbs. 28-30 Ft 8 Lbs. 24-1/2" 18-1/4" 14-1/2"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review