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Talulah Ballast Pump Impeller Kit 

*BULK IMPELLERS DO NOT INCLUDE GASKET OR LUBE* A worn or damaged impeller can cause system failure or engine breakdown. SPX's Johnson Pump brand impellers are developed and manufactured for maximum flow and long life. With a genuine spare impeller you can also be sure that you are getting the quality required by engine manufacturers and professionals.

Give your Johnson Talulah/Ultra Ballast Reversible pump new life with the all new Orange replacement impeller.

Johnson's orange impeller (part #:09-824P-1EZ) is the newest evolution in wakeboard ballast impeller technology. Not only will this impeller improve the performance in your Johnson Talulah Ballast Pump but it is also backwards compatible in all Jabsco 18220 Ballast Puppy pumps.

This impeller is compatible with the Johnson Talulah Reversible Pump, formerly known as the Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump.

Johnson Talulah Impeller Replacement Instructions:

Step 1: 

    Remove five of the front cover screws. (Note: Retain the screws for the reinstallation process) Swing the cover up and out of the way to allow access to the impeller location. the impeller may be black, yellow or green depending on the age and manufacturer.
  1. Step 2: Using needle-nose pliers, pull the old impeller out of the casing.
  2. Step 3: Install the new impeller. (It is intentionally larger than the case. While gently squeezing it in, ensure that the paddle wheels angle in the same direction--counterclockwise--all the way around.)
  3. Step 4: Slide the plate back into place. NO SILICONE IS NECESSARY due to the built-in gasket, tightening the screws should prevent leakage.

Pump Part # Cross References This part is a direct replacement for the impeller in any Johnson Talulah Ballast Pump or Jabsco Ballast Puppy pump that begins with 18220, including: 18220-1123, 18670-0123 and 18670-6127



(No reviews yet) Write a Review