Women's Concept 64" With Double SHADOW

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Product Overview

Visit Boater's Outlet today to find the perfect ski boot combo for you. The Concept with the double shadow is a beautiful ski made to support the rider on the water. Connelly's experienced engineers and design team have come together to make a classy and fun design, the Concept does not comprimese looks for comfort or skill it is all around a great ski.




The Women's Shadow adds a little flash to a comfortable, supportive design. A Lycra lined toe and heel wrap are molded to fit snug without causing pressure points. Loosen the lace to open the boot wide making it easy to step in. The floating toe will accommodate large and small foot sizes alike. The soft EVA footbed is set in our lightweight plate design for a responsive bond between you and your ski.


  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • Performance glass flex sequence
  • X.CA.P.T. (Extreme Connelly Advanced Profile Tech)
  • Polished speed base
  • Double tunnel
  • Aluminum drop through fin



(No reviews yet) Write a Review