O'Brien Jr. Vortex Combo Waterskis W/ Jr X-7 Bindings 2018

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A smaller version of the adult Vortex Combos, the 54" Jr. Vortex offers the extra surface area of the Vortex in a smaller, more maneuverable size for younger and lighter skiers. The Jr. Vortex includes a stabilizer bar to make deep-water starts super easy. Then, the bar can be removed to allow the skis to really carve! Includes a Junior sized version of the X7 bindings to fit smaller shoe sizes. Learn how to combo ski with the Jr. Vortex Combo Skis on the local Utah lakes. Pick up the Jr. Vortex Combo Skis today at Boaters Outlet!


  • Size: 54"
  • Fin: Plastic
  • Bindings: Jr. X-7 Adjustable with RTP
  • Rider Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Weight Range: Up to 140 Lbs

Jr. X-7 Bindings

The Jr. X-7 is a very versatile binding. The Jr. X-7 can fit most youth. The front boot is open toe to assist with outfitting multiple sizes. The front boot is slide adjustable for a custom fit. The back boot is a Rear Toe Plate, making it easy to take off the skies.

Jr. X-7 Features

  • Open Toe Design for More Fit, Flexibility
  • Fits a Variety of Shoe Sizes
  • Slide Adjustable Binding for Custom Fit
  • Size:
    • One Size Fits Most Youth