Boat-Eze Water Spot Remover

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The easy economical way to clean fiberglass, tile, glass, and chrome.

Will instantly remove: Hard water spots, oxidation, scale, mildew, lime & stains, rust, fish blood, etc.

Concentrate 1:5

Available in 32oz & 128oz.


Boat-Eze concentrate may be diluted 1:5 especially if the surface to be cleaned is only lightly soiled.

DIRECTIONS: To clean lime and hard water deposits, acid stains, soap scum, rust and various discolorations from fiberglass boats, and fixtures, toilet bowls, urinals, shower stalls, swimming pools, drinking fountains, bathtubs, washbasins, lavatories, stainless steel, and ceramic tile. Simply apply Boat-Eze Concentrate to the surface to be cleaned and then rinse with water. For toilet bowls and urinal cleaning, flush and remove as much water as possible. Apply Boat-Eze concentrate with yam mop and allow to remain on the surface for at least 3 minutes until rust stains and scale are loosened. To remove odor and encrustation in the trap, pour Boat-Eze concentrate into the urinal and allow it to remain as long as possible.

NOTE: Always test solution in an inconspicuous area before use. Be sure to rinse all surfaces that have been cleaned to prevent possible streaking.

CAUTION: Contains phosphoric acid. In case of contact with eyes, flush with cold water. Internal: Drink magnesia or small pieces of soap in water, milk or raw egg whites, CALL PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.

NON-WARRANTY: The manufacturer or seller makes no warranty express or implied concerning the use of this product other than for purpose indicated on the label. The manufacturer or seller is not liable for andy injury or damage caused by this product due to misuse or mishandling, or any application not specifically described and recommended on the label.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review