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The Kids Mischief Mask, Fin, and Snorkel set makes it easy to take your little one out to the pool or any safe body of water for a bit of underwater fun. With the pivot style buckle and a strap and skirt made from Ply flex, you can adjust the mask to fit your child's head shape for perfect comfort. The mask's silicone skirt provides a snug fit that keeps water out of your child's eyes for a more comfortable swimming experience. Because the frame of the Mischief mask is made using Polycarbonate plastic the combo is safe to use in any setting. The Mischief mask is equipped with a full nose cover that prevents water from entering the child's nostrils. Adjustable, comfortable, and flexible the Mischief mask is made for fun in the sun, but don't let the weather stop you from taking your kids out to the pool and making memories.

Mischeif Mask

  • Polycarbonate: safe for pool use.
  • Plyflex™ skirt & strap: durability & comfort.
  • Flexible hinge for increased comfort.
  • Quick-adjust strap: pull strap to tighten &
  • Lift the lever to loosen.

Mischeif Snorkel

  • Easy to use j-style snorkel.
  • Small-sized mouthpiece.

Mischief Fins

  • Flow channels: easier to kick underwater reducing fatigue.
  • Quick-release multi-size strap: easily adjusts to any size foot
  • Drain hole: allows water to flow through foot pocket.

Fin Size

  • S/M Jr: 9-13
  • L/XL Jr: 1-4


(No reviews yet) Write a Review