Sea Clamp Small Black

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CCS 0301
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Great for Mooring Lines, Hoses, Ski Tow Ropes, Shore Power Cords, GPS & Antenna Cables, 12v Accessory Cords, Rigging, Diving Gear, Fishing Poles, not to mention; Kitchen Appliances, Audio/Visual Equipment, Garden & Shop Tools, Mobile & Desktop Computers, Medical Equipment and the uses go on and on and on.

The patented new Cable Clamp is the solution to all your cable nightmares! This innovative and easy-to-use cord management and organizational tool are superior to cable ties and here's why:

  • Can be Reused.
  • Can be Operated with One Hand.
  • Locking Components Align Easily.
  • Can be easily released without the use of any tools.
  • Designed to protect cables.
  • Special Inset Area of Labeling.
  • Made of durable polymers and stainless steel.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review