Hydroslide PRO XLT

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Our proven parabolic shape is back and better than ever in the updated Pro XLT. The new, integrated HydroHook allows the rider to get up quickly with little effort, while the retractable fin system enables you to adjust the ride on the fly - extend the fins for more control when charging the wake - or quickly retract them for effortless spins. With this type of functionality, the Pro XLT is a perfect choice for riders of all skill levels. Visit Boater's Outlet in Midvale to see our full selection of knee boards and water fun!


  • Length 51.75
  • Width 21"
  • Retactable Hydro-Hook & Shock Strap
  • Thin Profile
  • Parabolic Twin Tip Design
  • Dual retractable Fins
  • Hydro-Hook for easy starts every time. Great for beginners!

*Graphic colors and styles may vary


(No reviews yet) Write a Review