DEHT 24'7" - 25'6" SUN-DURA- mist gray (SPECIAL ORDER)

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Centerline Length: 25'6" Beam Width:108" Notes: Accommodates VHF antennas, outrigger mounts, GPS and rod holders. Dual zippered entry. Heavy-duty 1/4" draw rope encased in hem. Designed for single engines with bow rails up to 24". Include bow pulpit and engine bracket in centerline measurement. For dual engines, order next larger size. Cover comes standard with self adhesive boat cover reimnforcement kit, heavy-duty boat cover tie down kit, rope ratchet and two support poles. Avaliable in Performance Poly-Guard and Sun-DURA only. *This cover is recommended for storage only. ***Boat cover purchase comes with a FREE Tie Down Kit & Storage Bag! (Each kit contains (12) twelve 8' straps and a roomy 30" x 30" mesh bag to accommodate virtually any size boat cover)*** Excellent Quality! 100% Solution Dyed Polyester means Sun-DURA® colors are part of the polyester fiber itself, rather than the dye adhering only to the surface of the fibers. 7oz. marine grade polyester that offers superior resistance to harmful UV rays, fading, mildew, tearing and overall wear-and-tear. Our own unique finish provides exceptional water repellency while maintaining breathability for the health of the boat. Made in USA and Imported. (7 Year Limited Warranty) Carver manufactures a variety of Specialty Boat Covers for boats with T-Tops, Hard Tops, Ski/Wakeboard Towers or other unique features. Each of our Specialty Covers is made with the same high quality components used in our Styled-to-Fit boat covers. Where hook and loop fastener tape is used, we use only 100% polyester tape, unlike other suppliers who use standard, low cost nylon tape that does not hold up well to UV rays. Where zippers are used, we use only 100% polyester marine grade zippers with chain that won’t corrode and large, double pull, auto-locking tabs that are easy to operate and stay closed even in windy conditions. As in all Carver products, the care and detail that goes into our Specialty Boat Covers will provide many years of reliable service to you and your boat. Carver Industries offers only breathable fabrics for the well-being of your boat and its interior. Don’t be fooled. Waterproof materials do not allow interior moisture to escape which promotes the growth of mold and mildew under the boat cover causing potential damage to your seating, flooring and instrumentation. Carver boat cover fabrics are treated with the latest technologies in water repellency in a range of Superior to Good, to keep your boat healthy and happy. Not sure? Contact us to request free swatches! Protect your investment by following our care tips for your cover: Avoid letting water, snow or other materials like leaves and sticks stand on the boat cover. Use support poles, straps, or bows to prevent water from pooling on the boat cover. Always tie boat cover down securely. When trailering, use heavy-duty tie down straps. Avoid using bungee cords that can stretch possibly causing damage to the cover and your boat’s finish. Take the precaution of padding windshield, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. before installing boat cover to avoid accidental tearing. To keep your boat cover looking its best, regularly brush off any loose dirt with a soft brush and rinse with lukewarm water. To clean, a solution of lukewarm water and mild natural soap such as Ivory™ may be used. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. The use of detergent is not recommended as it may diminish the water repellent finish on certain fabrics and invite the growth of mildew. We also recommend the use of 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner to safely remove dirt and difficult stains. Regular exposure and cleaning can diminish the water repellency of certain boat cover fabrics over time. The water repellent finish used on most boat cover fabrics allows water to bead and run off similar to that of a waxed car. When water beading diminishes, we recommend the use of 303 High Tech Fabric Guard after a thorough cleaning to restore the water repellency of your cover. Allow boat cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.


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