Greenfield Stretch N' Slide

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Without question, Stretch n’ Slide is the world’s most versatile and easy to use dock line. Innovative multi-loop bungee allows a perfect fit for any span to 7′. Simply place the end loop over a cleat, then stretch and tighten down the slider, and finally select the appropriate loop to place over the second cleat. Stretch n’ slide makes docking quick and easy for any craft from PWC to large boats. Temporary docking only. The Anchor Pulley’s spring loaded locking mechanism opens and closes to feed the line across roller in both directions and locks to secure the rope in place. The Anchor Pulley accepts rope up to ½” diameter and its aluminum housing and stainless springs resist corrosion. Mounting hardware not included. This product is not intended to hold anchor in place while motoring.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review