Meguiar's Flagship Premium Cleaner & Wax 32 Oz

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Meguiar's Flagship Premium Cleaner/Wax is a unique formula that will effortlessly remove light oxidation and water spots, minor scratches and haze while adding brilliant gloss and superior protection. Powerful Flagship ingredients provide long-lasting protection against salt-air corrosion and the sun's devastating ultraviolet rays. It's perfect to use on all fiberglass, painted and gel coated surfaces. Works great on all colors and in direct sunlight.


  • Offering safe and powerful cleaning action to remove light to moderate defects, a brilliant high gloss, and long-lasting protection all in one step
  • Formulated to effortlessly remove light to moderate below surface defects like oxidation, water spots, minor scratches, swirls, haze, and more 
  • Adds a brilliant gloss, amazing shine, and provides long-lasting, superior protection against salt air corrosion and the sun's devastating ultraviolet rays
  • Safe and effective on fiberglass, painted, and gel coat surfaces of any color, and can be used in direct sunlight