O'Brien Barca Three, 3 Rider Towable Tube

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Keep things exciting with a tube that can be pulled from either end. Designed for three riders, the O’Brien Barca 3 will provide you and two friends with twice as much fun as a normal tube. Ride it chariot style or flip it around to sit back and relax! No matter how you choose to ride it, you can’t go wrong with the Barca 3. Visit us at Boater's Outlet in Midvale to see our full selection of tubes, water carpets, water floaties, and more!


  • Size – 70″ x 86″
  • Up to 3 riders or 510 lbs.
  • Two-Way Towing – Tube can be pulled from either end; allows multiple riding positions and more fun
  • EVA pads, split seating, and 12 handles with EVA knuckle guards make this one of the most comfortable tubes out there in any position
  • Enhanced durability – Fully covered in a heavy-duty, nylon shell
  • 2 Quick-Connect Tow Hooks – The safest, fastest, and easiest way to connect your rope to the tube
  • 2 Lightning Valves – Inflate and deflate your tube faster than ever before; 30 mm valve opening is compatible with most current tube pumps

One Year Limited Warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review