O'Brien Clutch 143 W/ Clutch Boots 7-11

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So good we had to bring it back! Cobe may have designed the Clutch years ago, but this timeless shape deserves a special place in our line. It has everything a pro rider needs (pay attention to what Mizuki is ripping on), but is truly ideal for beginner to intermediate riders looking for a predictable 3-stage board with explosive pop off the wake. Designed with 4 molded fins, as well as tracking channels, the Clutch provides a smooth ride with plenty of hold on the water. The variable beveled edge keeps the midsection of the board catch-free and tapers towards the tip and tail for added bite when edging. This easy-to-ride board is perfect for building fundamentals, improving confidence, and enhancing progression.


  • 3-Stage Rocker: This rocker line is generally flatter between the bindings but dramatically angles upward towards the tip and tail. This explosive rocker line generates a more aggressive and vertical pop off the wake.
  • Feather Core: Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
  • Variable Beveled Edge: Rolled edges for a smoother, catch-free ride, sharpening at the tip and tail for more bite.
  • Quad Molded in Fins
143 cm 17" 2.4 3-Stage 22 24 26 Up to 240 lbs. Attack 1.4

All O'Brien wakeboards are equipped with industry standard 6 millimeter inserts, so if TSA loses your hardware or it falls off the dock, borrow some from your buddy and keep shredding!

Clutch Binding Features

  • Open Toe Design for more fit flexibility.
  • Free-Flex tongue opens wide for easy entry.
  • Size Specific Construction.
  • Strobel Lasted Liner.
  • 2 degree canted chassis
  • Comfort Footbed.
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Sizes (In Mens):
    • 4-8
    • 7-11
    • 10-14


(No reviews yet) Write a Review