O'Brien Format Wakeboard With Border Boots 2020

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Format Overview

‚ÄčThe consistent, predictable ride of the Format makes it a great board for beginners and advanced riders alike. The combination of its Progressive Rocker, Delta Base, and Center Spine gives the Format a stable yet playful feel on the water and a smooth, effortless pop off the wake. If you are looking for an easy to ride board to help you build confidence in your riding definitely check out the Format.

Format Features

  • Progressive Rocker: Similar to our Continuous Rocker but with a more kicked up tip and tail, resulting in more vertical pop than a Continuous Rocker and more predictability than a 3-Stage.
  • Delta Base: “Chevron” shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board reduce drag for faster edging and a cleaner release off the wake.
  • Feather Core: Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
  • Center Spine: The V shape of the spine disperses water outwards upon impact resulting in softer landings.
  • Variable Beveled Edge: Rolled edges for a smoother, catch-free ride, sharpening at the tip and tail for more bite.
Format 137 17.11" 22 24 26 2.4" 140-220 Lbs Flank 1.1"
Format 142 17.26" 23 25 27 2.6" 140-220 Lbs Flank 1.1"

Border Features

  • Open Toe Design for more fit, flexibility, maximum comfort, response and no heel/toe lift
  • Dual lace zones for pinpoint adjustment all over your foot
  • Strobel Lasted Liner
  • Superior Orthotic Footbed
  • LUX 2.5° Canted Chassis with Power Arch
  • Combination J-Bars for ultimate heel hold
  • Sizes in Mens:
    • 4-6
    • 7-10
    • 10-12
    • 11-14