O'Brien Haze V4 Wakesurf Board

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Product Overview

Haze Overview

There's way more to the Haze V4 than meets the eye. Sure it delivers a fast cruisey feel on the wave for effortless flow and smooth style, but that's only part of the story. This is a board that everyone in the boat can genuinely enjoy. Beginners appreciate its incredibly stable ride and effortless speed control. At the same time, more advanced riders love its skatey feel while cranking turns and its uncanny ability to race down the line and boost to the sky. Get the best of everything with the Haze V4.

52" 20.8" 15.28 L (2) 2 face 3.6" (1) TAC 1.3" 200 Lbs & below
57" 21.50" 17.15 L (2) 2FACE 3.6" (1) TAC 1.3" 150 Lbs & over

Haze Features

  • Surf Style: Using larger fins and a rounder rail, these boards have a surf inspired feel with their flowy turns, powerful hacks, lightning speed, and ability to boost big airs.
  • Compression molded: 2-part construction - Compression molded for shape
    consistency and light weight - then hand polished
    rails and gloss coat finish.
  • Rounded square tail: Increases the board’s forward drive and speed on the
    wave, while the rounded corners allow for pivotal yet
    smooth turning characteristics
  • (3) FCS compatible fin boxes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review