O'Brien ISUP Green Electric Pump

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Are you tired of having to manually pump you Inflatable Paddle Board? Well, we have a solution! The O'Brien Electric ISUP is the way to go. The O'Brien Drop Stitch Electric Pump is a 12-Volt, high-pressure pump that pairs perfectly with inflatable stand-up paddleboards, inflatable docks, and our drop stitch floats (Runways, Party Pits, and Yoga Floats). Powered via a car plug or the included alligator clips, specify your desired pressure setting (1-20 psi) and let the pump do all of the work. It will automatically shut off when it reaches the selected pressure, so you can immediately start enjoying your time on the water.With this pump, you can just connect the alligator clips to a battery nearby, then sit back and relax.  Pick up an O'Brien ISUP Electric Pump today at Boater's Outlet!


  • High-pressure 12V inflator
  • Quickly inflates/deflates stand-up paddleboards and drop stitch floats
  • Effortlessly set desired pressure from 1 to 20 psi and let the pump to the rest
  • Stops automatically when inflated to selected pressure setting
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Kink-proof hose
  • Includes alligator clips for a direct connection to the battery


(No reviews yet) Write a Review