Landshark Pet Life Jacket Vest

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Does your pet love playing in the water just as much as you do? Keep them safe and looking fierce with the LandShark Pet Vest. Designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes, this vest features multiple adjustments to fit securely around your furry friend. The streamlined vest puts just the right amount of flotation in the perfect spot to help with buoyancy and not hinder mobility. Your dog will love it as he runs, jumps and swims in the water all day!


  • Secure, comfortable fit with one adjustable neck buckle and two adjustable ladder locks
  • Leash attachment ring
  • Nylon handle with reflective material for easy retrieval
  • Designed to maintain mobility and provide additional buoyancy


Size Weight Neck Chest Waist
X-Small 8-15 lbs 10"-13" 18"-24" 14"-20"
Small 15-30 lbs 12"-16" 22"-28" 18"-24"
Medium 30-60 lbs 15"-19" 26"-32" 22"-28"
Large 60-80 lbs 18"-22" 30"-38" 26"-32"
X-Large Over 80 lbs 18"-24" 30"-42" 26"-36"