O'Brien System Wakeboard With Clutch Boots 2017

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System Overview

The System offers performance at an affordable price. Its Continuous Rocker keeps the board stable on the water and predictable off the wake. The System also uses dual channels at the tip and tail and center mounted Flank Fins to ensure predictable tracking and easy edging. To top it off, its extra buoyant foam core makes getting up and out of the water as effortless as can be. These features make the System a great first board for anyone just getting into the sport or the perfect board to keep on your boat for any friends who want to try their hand at wakeboarding.

System Features

  • Designed for: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Continuous Rocker
  • 6mm Inserts
  • Center Fins in Tip and Tail
  • Dual Channels in Tip and Tail
System 119 38.1cm / 15” 2.1 Continuous 18 20 22 40-120 lbs Flank 1.35
System 124 40cm / 15.75” 2.15 Continuous 20 22 24 60-140 lbs Flank 1.35
System 135 42.5cm / 16.75” 2.25 Continuous 21 23 25 100-180 lbs Flank 1.35
System 140 42.9cm / 16.9” 2.35 Continuous 20 24 26 140-230 lbs Flank 1.35

Clutch Overview

The Clutch is the economical choice when it comes to Wakeboard Bindings. Since the Clutch is an open toe binding it can outfit multiple riders, making this a versatile binding. This is a great beginner binding, since it does have the grip necessary but does not singe down the riders foot too tightly. Making this binding secure, but comfortable to someone who is just learning the sport.

Clutch Features

  • Open Toe Design for more fit flexability
  • Free-Flex tongue opens wide for easy entry
  • Size Specific Constructions
  • Strobel Lasted Liner
  • CMEVA Outsole
  • Comfort Footbed
  • 2 Degree Canted Chassis
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 5-Point Adjustment
  • Sizes in Mens:
    • 2-5 (Junior Size)
    • 5-8
    • 8-11
    • 11-14