Stan Jones Lake Powell Map Laminated

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Lake Powell Map. For years and years, the Stan Jones Map has been a staple of every explorer's trip to Lake Powell. This map includes information on: Fishing, Places of Interest, Marinas, Weather, and History. This down-to-earth and easy-to-read map is a must for Lake Powell, When opened, this map measures to 22" by 34". This map is laminated and rolled. 
Stan Jones, also known as Mr. Lake Powell, has created a good all-around map for planning your vacation to Lake Powell. Hikers and explorers will appreciate the areas of interest marked as well as the location of arches, petroglyphs, ruins, and mines. 40 color photographs of what to see and where to see it and illustrations of Lake Powell's game fish complete the guide. Steve Ward has continued this fine tradition, keeping the map up-to-date and invaluable.