Tidal Wake XLR8 SLIM Wake Shaper SILVER

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Product Overview


    • FITS MORE BOAT HULLS – XLR8 SLIM is a powerful wakesurf generator that fits boats with chines, stepped hulls, unconventional hulls, or limited mounting areas — like Yamaha, Mastercraft, Chaparral, Yamaha, Sea-Doo Boats, and Jet, Drive Surf boats. Conventional Wake Generators just didn’t fit on these types of hull.
    • PATENTED SUPER STRONGSUCTION CUPS – SLIM’s smaller footprint is made possible by its patented higher PSI Vacuum suction cups that allow a reduced area of attachment on a boat hull. Two super-suction cups do the job better than four or five traditional cups that other wake creators require! LESS is MORE – No need for so many levers to set and a shorter base makes it easier to position in more places.
    • BIG CLEAN SURF WAKES- Now you can create XLR8’s famous Big, Clean Wakes with More Push on more boat hulls. Great for Beginners – helps you advance to Throwing in the Handle! Advanced Surfers will have more fun Carving and learning new tricks on a big, clean pushy wake!
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN – The Patented Fin accelerates the water for more Wake performance. Available in High Visibility Colors – Silver or Bright Green, XLR8 SLIM is easy to spot if you drop it in the water – and it floats!
    • EASY TO USE – Easy for one person to attach from inside the boat, Easy to move to either side of your boat quickly for Regular and Goofy Style Surfers, No Tools, No Complicated adjustments or moving parts! Compact storage when not in use, fits in a glove box, comes in its own tote bag. Lanyard included.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review