Xbalm Lip Balm Extreme Lip Protection

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Most people overlook the harsh outdoor conditions and damaging UV rays that they subject their lips to during daily activities. Wind, cold temperatures, and dry airstrip away natural moisture from cheeks and lips leaving your face chapped and sore. Use XBALMs smooth waterproof formula for extreme protection in extreme weather and every extreme activity. 

Seasonal thinking has led this company to produce the Ultimate Lip Balm. With a history in the outdoors, XBALM knew that they were going to concentrate on everything from Beaches to Snow Covered Mountains. XBALMs motto, Lets waterproof our lives and everything else we can think of along the way. XBALM surfaced as something that was the ideal combination for Summer and Winter Sports Protection. Originally the idea of XBALM was a conversation. But, through research and patience, this company has educated themselves in all aspects of Lip and Body protection. This Extreme Outdoor Style has led to a pocket of different and exciting ideas. Ideas which have been designed to be respectful of all sports and endure all extreme dynamics.

The XBalm Formula Contains

  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for natural healing of damaged skin.
  • UVA/UVB protection from the sun.
  • No PABA.
  • UV protection.


  • Extreme Mint
  • Extreme Ice
  • Orange
  • Tropical
  • Citrus


(No reviews yet) Write a Review