Zenith-57" Wakesurf

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Be unstoppable! The Zenith board was made for aggressive surfers looking for the ulitmate skim style experience. Visit Boater's Outlet today to find the perfect wakesurfer for you.

The Zenith's fast rockerline and sharp, responsive edges knife through the wave, providing the ultimate skim experience behind the boat. With instantaneous response, generated by the 100% carbon fiber layup, the Zenith puts you in the driver’s seat to do anything you want on the wave. Surf with confidence on a board shaped to excel while riding forwards or backwards. Maintain control after landing shuvits and 180s and know that the nearly full length EVA deck pad will be there under your feet to help you ride away without any concern of slipping. Delivering precision control, smooth carves, and effortless spins, the Zenith is the epitome of performance and will push the boundaries of your surfing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review