Ducky Water Spot Remover Plus 32 Oz.

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Product Overview


Ducky Performance Products Water Spots Plus.

Water Spot Remover with Brazilian Grade A White Carnauba Wax.

Will Provide ultimate shine and protection to all boat, RV, auto and motorcycle finishes. Our team of chemists brings over 40 years or product formulation and innovation in the Marine, Auto and RV industries.


  • Ducky Water Spot Plus formulated with Grade "A" White Carnauba Wax, works as a 2 in 1 product effectively eliminating hard water spots while delivering a high gloss wax and UV protected surface
  • Will not strip existing wax. Adds an additional layer of wax protection with each use

How it works

Water Spot Plus is specially formulated to dissolve minerals deposits left behind from hard water that can etch into gel coat, fiberglass, clear coat and other painted and plastic surfaces causing permanent damage requiring costly professional removal. Water Spot Plus is most effective when used at first signs of hard water spots. Water Spot Plus is recommended for use on gloss surfaces where wax and gloss enhancers are desired. For matte, denim and flat finish surfaces or when no wax is desired use Ducky "Original Water Spot Remover" w/o wax


(No reviews yet) Write a Review