O'Brien Torrent Dark Horse 55" Wakesurf Board (BLK/WHT)

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Stronger, lighter, and even more responsive, the Dark Horse Edition of the Torrent utilizes 100% carbon fiber construction to enhance every performance element of this new shape to provide the ultimate skim-style experience. Bigger airs. Less swing weight. More stoke. Push your riding further on the Torrent Dark Horse!


  • Skim style: Using smaller fins and a sharper rail, these boards have a loose, skatey feel on the water making it easier to complete surface spins and more skate inspired moves.
  • Hand shaped epoxy: Traditional surfboard construction utilizing a hand shaped, lightweight EPS core laminated with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.
  • Carbon fiber layup: Aerospace grade carbon fiber fabric that provides a quantum jump in performance over traditional fiberglass with unmatched strength to weight ratios.
  • Chopped diamond tail
  • Machined Eva pad
  • 3 removable fins
Size Width Volume Fins Rider Weight
51" 20.5" 8.9 L (1) Kappa 1.9" (2) Kappa 1" 180 Lbs & below
55" 20.8" 9.82 L (1) Kappa 1.9" (2) Kappa 1" 130 Lbs & above

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review