Onyx Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket

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The Onyx AM-24 Inflatable Life Vest features a lightweight, low-profile design that keeps wearers cool in the summer heat without yet does not limit arm movement. Soft neoprene around the neckline provides all-day comfort while the durable jacket fabric resists tears and punctures. This Onyx life vest will provide comfort, safety, and peace-of-mind whether fishing or recreational boating.


  • Automatically Inflates Upon Immersion in Water or when the Wearer Pulls the “Jerk to Inflate” Handle
  • Equipped with Back-Up Oral Inflation
  • Convertible from AUTO/MANUAL Inflation to MANUAL ONLY Inflation
  • Minimum Buoyancy of 22.5 lbs. when Inflated
  • For Replacement CO2 Cartridge, Use Onyx A/M-24 Rearming Kit #1352 (K320)
  • Item Contains a CO2 Cylinder and may not be Available to Ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Safety Features

  • Intended for use by those 16 years of age and older; weight over 80 lbs.
  • Not recommended for use by non-swimmers or weak swimmers
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type V Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with Type III Performance

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review